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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8

26 Apr 2016, Posted by Flour in Flour News + Events

BELLINI OR PIZZA? Whether she prefers a belini and poached eggs or a margherita pizza, celebrate the most important woman in your life with a meal she will appreciate. WE’VE EXTENDED OUR HOURS She deserves a good table. We’ve extended our hours so she’ll get…

Tartare! Chef Mytro-style

05 Mar 2016, Posted by Flour in Flour News + Events

Mytro has crafted a reputation by doing things a little out of the ordinary. Ok, a LOT out of the ordinary. Throughout his career, the Cleveland-based culinarian has routinely pushed the bounds of what’s perceived as normal. From his former chef apparel company Stove Monkeys to flavor-tripping …

James Beard Foundation | Octopus Recipe

04 Mar 2016, Posted by Flour in Flour News + Events

For many home cooks, octopus may seem like a luxury item best left to professional chefs willing to tackle the multi-tentacled delight. But the simple set-it-and-forget-it oven method in this recipe from Ohio chef Matthew Mytro erases any preconceived notion of unattainability by slowly braising…

Clevescene.com | People in the Back of the House

12 Dec 2015, Posted by Flour in Flour News + Events

Long after Joe Lang first had his eyes opened to scratch cooking at Mom’s Diner in Orange Village, his culinary training at Loretta Paganini School of Cooking led him to an apprenticeship at Boulevard Blue, where chef Matt Mytro was leading the kitchen. It was…

James Beard Foundation | New-School Italian

10 Dec 2015, Posted by Flour in Flour News + Events

Inspired by Italy but firmly rooted in their love of Cleveland, chefs Paul Minnillo and protégé-turned-partner Matthew Mytro are setting the city’s dining scene on fire with their exciting brand of “new-school” interpretations of rustic Italian dishes made with the best local ingredients. Flour Power…


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